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Transmission and mobility

Transmitting controlled power


A benchmark supplier

Hutchinson designs belt-driven power transmission systems for use in the car, truck, household appliance, and general industrial applications. In response to the mobility requirements of modern armies, Hutchinson equips all the main models of wheeled armored vehicles. Its runflat system and aluminum wheels have been universally acclaimed. As for Hutchinson bicycle tires, they have been associated with innumerable racing victories.

In the world transmission belt market, Hutchinson can rely on its strength as a Group, its record in terms of innovation, and a global production capacity that places it at the forefront of the major suppliers and specifiers


Function leader in the Car market

As a leading supplier to Renault for 70% of Renault/Nissan engines, the diverse skills of our teams cover all fields: mechanics, R&D, materials science, chemistry, etc. Our expertise has constantly improved our power transmission solutions to adapt them to the needs of the car market. As function leader, we direct a group of suppliers to optimize power capacity between the engine, the alternator and accessories so as to provide an effective response to our customers' ambitious projects.


Undisputed leader in the Household Appliance market

First as a pioneering innovator and then as the market leader, Hutchinson has undisputed dominance of the Household Appliance market thanks to the POLY V belt. Hutchinson currently has a higher market share than all other manufacturers combined, with over 50% of the total market. Used in washing machines and dryers, the Hutchinson belt has a wider area of contact with the pulley and thus transfers greater power. This provides an advantage for our customers in terms of reliability and cost.


New challenges, new solutions

We are working on solutions based on materials that combine resistance to high engine temperatures with anti-vibration and acoustic protection performance. Our teams prepare solutions linked to engine downsizing and which bring into play energy-saving methods such as alternator starter systems. In the same way, the trend toward smaller engines causes considerable problems in terms of the belt, creating cyclical distortions and severe vibrations, which in turn require greater resistance for the belts and all the components that surround them. These are all fields in which our expertise will be put to good use in the future.


An industry benchmark for military vehicles

The value of our products is widely recognized. Our VFI runflat systems are an industry benchmark for military wheeled tactical vehicles. With regard to aluminum wheels, we continue to improve our standards by optimizing their weight and including new innovative features such as the ballistic protection of strategic functions and the integration of smart sensors.


The Olympic victory tire

Hutchinson tires deliver quality performance in all fields and at the very highest level. Athletes equipped with our tires have even won Olympic honors: Julien Absalon and Jean-Christohe Péraud achieved a remarkable double in the mountain-bike cross-country event at the Beijing Olympics, winning the gold and silver medals.



Fact and figures
  • 250,000 of our belts are produced per day throughout the world all markets combined.
  • An aluminum wheel weighs 40% to 50% less than a steel one.


Key references Transmission

Stretchybelt ®
This patented elastic belt solution optimizes simple assemblies by eliminating electric power systems. It has numerous advantages: more lightweight, energy savings, a reduction in cycle time and easier fitting on plant assembly lines.

Composite belts
This product transmits power with a very high level of acoustic efficiency. This solution uses elastomers such as EPDM, a thermoplastic film called Vegaprene (a material for which Hutchinson owns the industrial copyright), and at surface level non-woven Polyester fibers that push back the technical limits of these belts to protect against noise.



Focus on Transmission
A high durability truck tensioner
The heavy vehicle market has very stringent requirements in terms of product durability. For Daimler, Hutchinson has developed hydraulic belt tensioners for the Heavy Duty Engine (HDE). This high-performance product has a useful life of 1,200,000 km, i.e. the same distance as the engine's useful life. After long validation tests carried out on the vehicles, this objective has been met and acknowledged by our truck manufacturing customers. Tried, tested and approved!

Key references Mobility

The Hutchinson VFI enables a vehicle to run on one or more flat tires while maintaining good control. It was designed for military applications requiring excellent ballistic resistance, increased resistance to mine explosions, and a bead-lock function for driving with low tire pressure (mud, sand, snow, etc.). VFI complies with the following military standards: FINABEL 20A5 and FINABEL A20A and the American 30/30 specifications.

The Python is a legendary "world champion" tire and multiple winner of the Cycling World Cup with Julien Absalon. Its square tread pattern gives it excellent mobility on all dry and slightly muddy terrains. It provides the best compromise between performance, grip and mobility in its category. The Python is the ideal cross-country tire.



Focus on Mobility
Hutchinson wins the Best Soldier Protection award at the
Farnborough International Armoured Vehicles show in the UK
Hutchinson won the prize in February with the Safetank, a fuel tank protected by a self-sealing external layer. This solution can instantly seal bullet holes, keeping the fuel in the tank, stopping leaks and minimizing the risk of an explosion. The Safetank has already won over the US Army and American government agencies, and is being trialled or developed by several major military vehicle manufacturers in Europe and Asia.