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Fluid Transfer Systems

At the core of energy management


Our business, a market benchmark

Hutchinson, a world leader in fluid transfer expertise, is an expert acknowledged for both its high pressure and low-pressure capabilities. As suppliers on 5 continents for the Automotive, Aerospace, Naval, Defense, Railway, and Heavy Vehicle markets, we design and produce pipes for air conditioning, braking and power steering systems, as well as for managing turbocharged air intake, engine cooling systems, and fuel and oil supply systems. We also supply the pipes required for pollution removal systems (Particle filters, Blow by, and SCR). For 15 years our business has outperformed the market, proof of our customers’ lasting trust in our strategic and operational choices.


For 15 years our business has outperformed the market, proof of our customers’ lasting trust in our strategic and operational choices

Toward a "smart" hose

Our culture of engineers open to the world, our in-depth knowledge of connections, and our materials science have led us to continuous improvement. For fifteen years, our business has become more complex, enriched through other techniques. From simple, or even technical, rubber hoses, we have moved into the full-function era: radiator hoses that incorporate new functions combining elastomer radiator hoses, plastic or metal tubing for quick connectors, and more recently mechatronics (Sensors, heating components, acoustic functions to reduce noise, etc.).


"Multi-function" hoses

This shift to multi-function radiator hoses was brought about by the need to meet environmental standards for energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Faced with these new challenges, our Fluid transfer system expertise is one of the two most influential and innovative suppliers in the world offering a range of adaptable products, due in part to proprietary materials. Gigaprene®, a recyclable and lighter plastic, enjoyed strong growth in 2013.

We are designing complete systems that incorporate energy management: how to calculate it, exchange it, and transform it to recycle it? Our products may have to include up to 6 or 7 functions: energy recovery, heat management in the form of recovery, air transfer, etc.


Still further upstream

Through partnerships with our customers, we are developing innovative solutions for fluid transfer systems and are contributing to the development of pioneering products on the market that, once commercialized, will become standards in terms of quality and technological innovation. On the cutting edge of innovation in our business, our goal is to always be in the front line to help define new rules, together with our customers and regulatory agencies.



Fact and figures
  • On average, one innovative breakthrough every 2 years
  • Supplying the 15 largest car makers
Key references Fluid transfer Systems

Selective catalytic reduction (SCR)
this system, incorporated in the adblue solution, is a response to the new EURO 6 * pollution standards. Expected volume in 2016 will be 4,000 parts / day for cars and 1,000 parts / day for heavy vehicles.

Since 2010, this system is composed of a highly heat-resistant hose that integrates a heating function (tube and quick connects). It allows hot gases to be recovered from the motor unit, and for this mix of air, oil, and gasoline to be reintroduced into the motor. Current production is approximately 10,000 parts / day



"Ultra-low permeability" certified
After three years of work, we have developed an air conditioning hose that meets the most stringent requirements of the German market. We have been certified in the "ultra-low permeability" and high temperature category for R134a and R1234 yf (new) fluids.


*EURO6 []: Applicable as of September 1, 2014, this European standard requires the reduction of nitrogen oxide emissions from all diesel vehicles to 80 mg/km, 50% less than under the EURO 5 standard.